Symphony No 3 (2017) 36 mins

2222.2200.Timp.Strings (c. 36 minutes)

Dedicated to the memory of Richard ‘Tony’ Arnell (1917-2009)

Arnell composed 6 Symphonies during a long and distinguished career. Towards the end of his life he discussed with Warren Cohen the idea of composing a Seventh, to a commission from Cohen’s orchestra: MusicNova, of Scottsdale, Arizona. He had the idea that it might be something of a revolution in Symphonic Form and have an unprecedented 13 Movement structure. He never had the opportunity to realise this concept.

Ever since hearing of his idea I have been intrigued by the challenge of composing a symphony in Arnell’s memory that would have such a structure. I spent many years circling the idea until the concept came into focus in 2017, which happens to be the year in which Arnell would have celebrated his 100th birthday. Symphony No 3 is the result of this inspiration. It’s 13 movements form a Symphonic Mosaic that I do not pretend resembles anything that Arnell might have conceived, but explores the possibility of how a large number of brief, interrelated movements might acquire a weight of argument, motivic- and tonal- logic that could truly be considered Symphonic in a manner that I’m sure he would have appreciated.

Patrick Jonathan, 8th November, 2017