Leela’s Song (G-A-B-C-D) (Recorder Music)

Leela’s Song – Teaching Notes

This piece is exclusively for the left hand on the recorder, but the students will have to master the art of splitting the thumb hole to attain the high ‘d’. This is already a lot for them to think about!

As there are many sustained notes in the recorder part, discuss the concept of vibrato. Explore, listen to and discuss the difference between sustained notes with and without vibrato. If desired, this can lead on to a discussion and exploration of the concept of sound waves.

This piece is called a ‘song’, and encourage the students to sing the melody to ‘lah’ phrase by phrase before they play it on their instruments, and feel the effect of sustaining the notes on the bones, cartilage and flesh of their faces. Can they capture the intensity of this experience when they play their instruments?

Contrast the sound and effect of the melody when sung and picked out on the piano keyboard. When played with or without vibrato on the recorder, does the sound produced resemble one or the other of these effects?

On a structural level, show them how in the ‘B’ section the repeat manages to travel the same harmonic distance in half the time by halving the duration of the descending scale notes in the bass voice of the piano.