Kiran’s Call (E-G-A-B-C) (Recorder Music)

Kiran’s Call – Teaching Notes

Having become confident with their handling of the instrument, and attained some fluency using the basic three fingers of their left hand, it is time to challenge the students to start using their right hand, and to try to achieve a smooth transition from index to middle finger on their left. This piece grew out of an exercise that saw them simply running up and down the notes they were now familiar with.
Discuss the musical concept of the ostinato. Listen to some examples.
Berceuse by Chopin
Bolero by Ravel
Any ‘minimal’ piece by Glass, Nyman or Adams
Ought to be Starting Something by Michael Jackson

You might also like to get the students to look at paintings by Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh to discuss how the idea of taking an idea and viewing it in a number of different lights finds a similar form of expression in the visual arts.