24 Preludes (2009/2010) 40 mins

for piano solo
Dedicated to Rustem Hayroudinoff
(arranged from 24 Preludes in 3 Movements)

While having dinner with Rustem Hayroudinoff in London in 2009, Patrick proposed composing a set of Etudes or Preludes. Rustem suggested following the Prelude route as it opened up an endless vista of possibilities – a prelude can, really, be anything. This suggestion in the back of the composer’s mind, though of the piano etude have certainly coloured the music of these preludes which push the boundaries of piano technique and are incredibly challenging for the performer. Originally conceived as a set of segued pieces in their original form of 24 Preludes in 3 Movements, they were spliced into 24 separate preludes at the request of Rustem Hayroudinoff.

Duration: c. 40 minutes